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2015 Chapter Fund Donors

One of the best things about AFP-GLAC is the camaraderie and community of members who are willing to share their hearts, hands and rolodex to help each other succeed.

While we all share a goal of pursuing professional excellence, not all of our members have the financial resources to attend meetings, seminars, conferences, buy books/periodicals or even to take the CFRE exam.

So, as always, AFP-GLAC is happy to help. The Chapter Scholarship Fund raises money from its members for a variety of purposes. This year, Chapter Scholarship Fund has a new focus—all money raised will be given back to eligible members in the form of scholarships for personal growth activities. With this changed focus of the Chapter Fund, AFP-GLAC can assist its members with expenditures that would, otherwise, not be covered by their organizations.

We are asking you to consider at least a $20 gift so that we can raise $2500 for our members to participate in worthwhile activities. We will be applying to some foundations for matching gifts opportunities. AFP is a 501 (c)(3) organization and all contributions are tax deductible to the extent that the laws allows.

We thank our GLAC members for helping our chapter continue to build our educational resources. Donors’ names will be listed in recognition of their special philanthropy to this chapter. Thank you for your support!

We sincerely appreciate your participation in this important effort.

Wayne Herron
VP, Philanthropy & Volunteers


Make a Gift!
or checks made out to 'AFP GLAC' may be mailed to the following address:
P.O. Box #370
 Westminster, California 92684-0370


Thank you to our 2015 Contributors!

Jennifer Berger

Carrie Boutros

Barbara Bushnell, CFRE

Ellen Bussing

Debbi Cordano, CFRE

Mike Driebe, CFRE

Linda Eisenhart, CFRE

John Fasano

Yuri Geronimo Casco, CFRE

Mario Haug

Connie Maguire, CFRE

Dan Maljanian

Mauria McPoland, MPA, ABC

Caroline Merrill

Nancy Meyer

Terry Monteleone, CSPG, CFRE

Darryl Mori

Elizabeth Nesbitt, CFRE

Cynthia Nickell, CFRE

Patricia Ostiller, CFRE, JD

Melissa Puls

Genevieve Riutort

Lucia Rosling

Amanda Rothstein

Julia Scheibmeir

Jenny Shepard

Jody Short

Peggy Smith, CFRE, CSPG

Belinda Teitel

Bess Walkes

Stephanie Wilson, CFRE

Dan Witzling

Matt Zarcufsky, CFRE